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Posted almost 6 years ago by Jeff Curtis

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Jeff Curtis

 How can I choose to have a report export on the last day of each month? There are specific days including 28,29,30,31, but I don't know if I schedule something on the 31st if it will run on the months without 31 days.

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John Zimmerman posted about 5 years ago

Is there a way to schedule the next to last weekday of the month.  I know LW will schedule the last weekday, but will LW-1 schedule the next to last weekday?


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John - Groff Automation

John - Groff Automation posted almost 6 years ago Admin

Hi Jeff,

You should be able to accomplish this via the "Advanced Cron Format" - please see the solution article here


0 15 10 L * ?

Fire at 10:15am on the last day of every month

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