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Posted over 5 years ago by Marius Yung

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Marius Yung

Old version has backup & restore feature.

Why new version haven't?

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John - Groff Automation

John - Groff Automation posted over 5 years ago Admin


Crystal Delivery was completely re-written after version 8.x.x.  Backup / Restore is on the list of features to be re-added to Crystal Delivery 12.

You can manually backup your settings by copying the crystaldb.sdf file and saving it.  This file is located as follows:

Crystal Delivery Pro:

C:\ProgramData\Crystal Delivery Pro\crystaldb.sdf

Crystal Delivery Free/Standard:

C:\Users\<Your User>\AppData\Roaming\Crystal Delivery\crystaldb.sdf

You can save that file off in a save place and simple paste it back when you want to "restore".

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Karen Damiani posted over 5 years ago

I can't install the update.  It says it's not signed???

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