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Posted over 5 years ago by Barry Butzer

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Barry Butzer

I keep getting the following message when i try to update from the Crystal Delivery Pro V 10.5.5 Help & Check for Updates? How do i get the latest version? i have a paid copy of Crystal Delivery. 

"The update is not signed. All updates must be signed in order to be installed."

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John - Groff Automation

John - Groff Automation posted over 5 years ago Admin

Hi Barry,

Thank you for your patience.  I've been hard at work adding features and fixes to Crystal Delivery and building a new Customer Portal.

Please check out the Customer Portal located here, which will allow you to get the latest version of Crystal Delivery (currently 12.6).  Please note: We have changed how updates are handled now.  To upgrade to the latest version with added features, a maintenance plan is required ($15/year).



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