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I have several report here, I have upgraded to Crystal Delivery Pro 12.6.3 recently and I managed to get all my report to work expect for one report.


2019-07-31 7:24:00 AM: MyJob->Execute: Load report failed.
2019-07-31 7:24:00 AM: Job Executed - Report ID: 15

I have service account has my admin account.  I have my path for the file to run on the local drive not a mapped network drive.  I thought it could have been an issue with the length of the file name, I have shorten it.  No difference.  I can view the report no issue and run it manually with no issue.  What else can I look into?

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Gerald, where did you get the 12.6.3 version?  I can't seem to find where/how to update the version.


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