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After some time (unknown) the program stops working.  I have several automation's setup that email and save to various locations.  They all work, emails will email, files will save to specific directories, etc.  It will work for a couple of days, then it just stops working. 

The system is setup on a virtual machine with it's own user on Windows 10 LTSB.  I have not been able to identify why it keeps failing.  The service is running and the Crystal Delivery window stays open all the time as well (even though it's not necessary with pro version).  

Logs indicate nothing, they just stop after some time.  

When it's in this state, i will set the time for a test export to one minute ahead of current time and it does nothing. 

If i click the 'restart service' at bottom of the main windows i get an unhandled exception. Log is attached and pic below. 


i click Continue > then restart service again with no exception. 

I then open the test and try to schedule an export for one minute later and get this window. 


After this is just restart the program and do a test with success.  

The one things so far that i have been able to rely on is that at some point the program will fail and i will have to do something to restart it.  

Is there something i'm doing wrong?  Should i try to close the program and log out of the user?  

(15.4 KB)

It failed again over the weekend.  Ran for 1 day then just stopped. 

I've implemented a scheduled task to restart the crystal delivery service, although it does not seem to fully work.  It seems like only some on some items in the list and not others...  There is nothing in the logs.  Is there some kind of switch that will allow me to have more detail in the logs?  It seems like the logs just stop working as well and i get no feedback.  

I made the scheduled task restart the service every hour.  Seems to be working better after i did that : /.  

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