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Posted over 3 years ago by Joey Soderfelt

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Joey Soderfelt

We currently have version 6.1 and would like to upgrade. I should say, I believe we have your software v.6.1. Three questions..

1. can you verify, see attached pic, that this is your software from 2006

2. if so, can I restore the backup from v6.1, of all of the jobs, into the new v14?

3. if yes to #1, is there an annual support option?

I installed the free version just to get a feel for it but I do not see a "restore" or "import" option.


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John - Groff Automation

John - Groff Automation posted over 3 years ago Admin

Hi Joey,

Responses below:

  1. I am unable to open the image.  Can you share a gif/png/jpeg?  I believe this is our software from 2006.
  2. There is no direct upgrade path from v6.1 to 14. You would need to re-add all of the reports to the latest version.
  3. Yes - there is an annual support option.

If you have further questions, let me know.  You can also email support@groffautomation.com to open a ticket if you'd like.



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