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Posted over 3 years ago by Joey Soderfelt

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Joey Soderfelt

In other automations we use, we are able to set date exclusions lists and specific calendars for different jobs and various business units.

For example, I can set a manual list of dates for specific jobs in a text file. So, for that job, we are good for 30 years. It might take 15-20 min to make a list but it satisfies the job, excluding certain holidays, days the Fed is closed, etc.

In another app we use, we can set dates to exclude. The job might be set to run M - F every week but we set an exclusion list of, say, the 1st of the month. So it will run M - F unless the day is the 1st of the month.

Is there anything like that in CrystalDelivery? How can we handle jobs that need to be run M - F but we really need to skip holidays that happen to fall on one of those days?


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