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Posted over 2 years ago by Glen Gillmore

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Glen Gillmore

Occasionally, particularly with new schedules, I set up the Export Email fields and manually export to verify the sent email works and looks the way I want it to.  I receive the email and attachment.  When I go back into the Export Email configuration all of the email header information and the email body disappears. I am on version 14.3.5

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Glen Gillmore posted over 2 years ago

I've discovered that the job will run without a problem until I reopen the job configuration.  Then I need to rebuild the email template each time.

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Glen Gillmore posted over 2 years ago

I did try to repair the installation, with no change in the problem.  I'm on the PRO version.

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JUSTIN N posted over 2 years ago

Looking for a solution if anyone has a fix. 

Having to rebuild email section anytime we need to change a parameter is not ideal. 


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Angela Demmer posted about 2 years ago

Same issue here.  It will run, but the email tab is blank and the email does not go out.  Been using the product for a long time without issue.   Version 14.1.4.  I have dozens of reports.  And, it doesn't seem to fix if you just rebuild it.  I went back in after rebuilding the scheduled report and same thing.  How do you change the database?

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Jvan Jordan posted over 2 years ago

I'm looking for a fix too. Tried to repair and reinstall the software but didnt work.

Also I tried with a new database: this worked. So the problem seems to be in the database itself.

Version 14.1.3

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