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Is anyone here?  I just paid for the Pro version of the software.  I cannot get it to install correctly.  I opened a support ticket and it doesn't seem to work.  I tried to do a payment refund and that fails as well.  Does anyone work here?


I think you're in the same boat as us.  Downloaded a trial, having issues running the final test.  Open ticket, 6 days, no answer. Program seems good, just need a couple questions answered.

What problem are you having during the install?

crickets....I ended up getting a refund from my credit card company for my support purchase.  the program is good...probably had an easy question for an install problem, too.  Shame.

Good morning,

I was just writing to let y'all know that about 3 years ago (maybe 4 years now), I purchased the pro version.  I had an issue about 2 years ago and turned in a support ticket.  I've posted to the forums several times and have heard nothing - not a peep.  I am not sure, but I do not believe that Groff automation is in business anymore.  

Just wanted to pass along my experience,

Trudi Nichols

City of Pensacola IT Department

there are updates released. somebody is working.   Pro version 14.3.8 is available for download-site modified on Oct 28 2021 in Release Information. 

Hello all, we've been inactive for over a year and are starting back up development of the product.  Support is unavailable right now although we are going through tickets and responding where we can.  The only option for any issues is a refund via the self-service refund page within the first 30 days, although we are honoring refunds past this on a case by case basis.

More to come.

 John - when will we know you are supporting the product ?  I don't want to upgrade or touch any thing unless I know there is support.   Also, need support for existing "removal of Export Email tab info" problem.

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