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Domain Permissions (Pro Version)

If you are installing Crystal Delivery Pro on a computer that is part of a domain, such as a computer at your workplace, you may need to give permissions for Crystal Delivery Pro to access Network Shares and Network Printers.

If after installing Crystal Delivery Pro, you find that scheduled reports are not automatically exporting or printing, the Crystal Delivery Service may not have permission to read/write files to your network share.

Fix Domain Permissions - Instructions

  1. Navigate to Start
  2. Type services.msc > press enter
  3. Right-click Crystal Delivery Service > click properties
  4. Click the Log On tab
  5. Click This account
  6. Enter your domain username and password as shown below
  7. Click Apply - You may be asked to grant your account “Log On As A Service” right. Your domain administrator may need to help give you permission for this step
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Restart to restart the service

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